What our students say about the 9 day detox program –

“Thank you for encapsulating all this wisdom in this wonderful nine day detox program. It has had a huge impact on me and my family’s lives.  I lost 10 lbs. my husband lost 6 lbs and my daughter’s acne cleared up. This has been a great beginning for 2014 and hopefully we can take the good habits we learned forward into the new year and beyond!!” ~ A.V.

“I’ve tried almost every known fad possible to kickstart my weight loss and life style change, including HCG shots, HCG drops, Atkins Diet, and Lindora, and there must be at least a handful more. This detox was by far the most effective. Before starting, I had a full blood panel drawn and my cholesterol level was super high, it’s reduced by 12% after the detox. I’ve easily kicked my diet coke problem, happily taken out most meats out of my diet and am still eating foods from my dosha. Dana was amazing at monitoring my progress and knew exactly what herbs to give me for each phase. I’m confident this will stick and over time, I’ll not only shed more weight, and become healthier as I go along.” ~ J. McCown. 6.2.2014

At OSHAN CENTER, we provide:

Have you found yourself asking the question, if only he / she would say this or do this or behave differently, it would be so much easier to love him / her? Would you love to: Dissolve past relationship issues Integrate love in your current relationships Neutralize fears, guilt and resentment Deal with trauma or loss Know your Self and see the perfection of your existence If the answer is yes, I will show you exactly how.. call to make an appointment for a private one on one session to break down the barriers that hold you back. Tel: 310.562.8181

Transformations in body, mind & spirit…

Yesterday does not exist anymore, and the future is not yet: both are directions that don’t exist. Yet, 99% of our waking hours dwell here. In the past or the future.

At the Oshan Center, we dedicate our time, money, resources to supporting your vision of staying in the moment, being present, balanced… in a place of gratitude and trust. Trust that the present moment is exactly as it should be, trust that the past has given you exactly what was needed to challenge and support you, to bring you to this moment… and trust that the future is meant to be. The courage and openness to trusting your Self is key in savoring life’s support and challenges and living a life that is free from guilt and fear.

Disease is something that creates awareness for your physical, emotional and spiritual self, it was needed to make you stubbornly aware that you needed to change…that wellbeing can be a place of complacency and indiscipline.

The Universe brings you pain and pleasure, support and challenge in every way and form at the exact point when you need to grow, transform the energy to higher forms of evolution, to enable you to fulfill the purpose you took birth for.

Our practitioner enables a holistic mind, body and spirit balance that integrates three amazing sciences to bring you the vision, clarity and understanding to find your telos.. After being swept by the tides of emotion, shoulds, coulds and musts that the world has given you, discover what really moves you and see how that works for you!